International Business Awards

1. Excellerate North East International Business Awards
2. Advaita Women Entrepreneur Awards

Why nominate?

1. Maximise visibility of your brand in Northeast and ASEAN Countries Winning an award puts spotlight on your business for all the right reasons as it will generate significant publicity across local, national and international press and social media. The final awardee profile shall be shared with media agencies as well as industry associations and government organizations in Northeast region and the message shall be spread among neighbouring & ASEAN participating countries. Thus, your brand image is bound to be enhanced manifold.

2. Increase credibility
Nomination of your business shall increase your credibility and position you as an expert within your industry and North Eastern markets. Winning award shall clearly differentiate you from your competitors, and can provide you a real competitive advantage when you are seeking or retaining customers, or speaking to suppliers. If you are seeking investment, demonstrating that you received recognition as the best or most promising firm in your field can really help your case.



Eligibility criteria

For Excellerate Northeast International Business Awards

  • Business should be registered in India and/or neighbouring or ASEAN country.
  • Business entity should be doing import- export or trade with a registered Northeast enterprise for a minimum of last consecutive 3 years and should be able to show the consistent growth in terms of volume or value of business over last 3 consecutive years.
  • Registration as a Business Delegate is a must.

For Advaita Women Entrepreneur Awards

  • Business should be registered in the Northeast region.
  • Business should have been in operation for a minimum of 3 years to be eligible for MSME category and a minimum of 6 months for Startup category.
  • Business must be owned and controlled by a woman having invested minimum 51% of the capital.
  • Women should be the key decision-maker in the organisation.
  • Registration as a Business Delegate is a must.

Last date for Nomination: 31st August, 2019

NOTE: Finalists shall be selected by eminent jury and results shall be binding on all nominees.